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Phil or Kelly

Q: Why are you going on this trip in the winter? Are you crazy?

Idealy, it would be great to go in the spring, unfortunately, getting a month off in the spring is impossible because Kelly will still be in school. We think the winter is a cool (no pun intended) time to go on this trip as well because it won't be the tourist season. So we sort of get to observe the locals in their natural habitat if you will.

Q: How much is this trip going to cost you?

Luckily, since its winter it will probably be half the price it would cost us in the Summer. We are budgetting around $4000 ($800-1000 for gas alone), which gives us about $100 a day to spend.

Q: Whats the deal with the hampster? Why does it only sing the words to that "classic" David Cassidy song?

It's an inside joke. We think the hampster and it's singing are funny. It cracks us up consistently.

Q: Whats with your route? Why arn't you going to Montana/Washington/Colorado etc? Arn't you trying to cram an awful lot into one trip?

Our route was picked because we are going in one of the coldest months of the year, and we do not want to be under 50 feet of snow in Fargo, ND or sliding down some mountain in Vail, CO . We plan on taking a trip through a northern route at some later point in our lives. We are also trying to stay as far south as possible because we love warmth and beaches over miles and miles of farm land. And yes, we are trying to accomplish alot on this trip, obviously we wished we had 3 months to take this trip, but given the time constraints and the fact that most of what we really want to see is out west, this is the best schedule we could pick.

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